Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Taste for Boot Polish

Oh Bootblack: Front and Center!
This interesting book could not be set down!
Bootblacking 101” by Andrew McDiarmid.
Not even sure why slave found itself reading this particular book. Let me take a minute to point out that I have NEVER had a fetish about boots -black or otherwise. In fact, the shape and condition of my shoes could often be called embarrassing.

Just trying out a different coffeehouse. It was impressive with its quietness. Large windows made of small glass panes let in ample light from the tree shaded street. Surrounded by old woodwork, I stretched out in the comfort. Bookcases hugged the room and patiently waited for my eyes to search out a title. This small book was selected from one of the many shelves. That's all it took to get hooked!

Any writer who can get you interested in a topic that you didn't care for is a good author! So lets congratulate Mr. McDiarmid and pass along a good reference. Please, read this book!

You might ask how anyone can write a whole book on “how to polish shoes”, but if you did ask that - you would have missed the point entirely anyway. So forget it.

Yes, you do learn steps needed to shine a pair of boots. You learn what equipment and tools you need. The second half has a few short stories of fiction and you also learn more about the author. But most importantly you learn the WHY you have to be a bootblack.

Mr. McDiarmid does an excellent job of presenting the emotional need that we feel. The near addiction that servers, caretakers, and slaves feel to be of service. He does not try to explain them. Nor does he dissect them. He just “gets it”. Anyone who has those feelings also “gets it”. This drive that resonates within the fiber of our being. The joy that fills us. This goal of allowing ourselves to give the gift of being subservient to another.

Don't worry if this means nothing to you. If this need on our part appears so foreign to you that's OK.

But if you recognize this part that has been hidden within you, if you know what we are talking about, if it clicks, then you know the fellow kindred spirits around you. Wither or not you have a boot fetish, or if you are a kitchen slave, or houseboi, or whatever, you will understand.

Just a side note: as a kitchen slave, I find it interesting that this drive is often referred to as a hunger. :-)

Often in this normal vanilla world we look for even a small sign of something that validates us. We all need to find a reflection of ourselves somewhere in our surroundings.

Yes, slave would like to be trained to be a bootblack. How wonderful to be able to serve my Master in that fashion.

You might be surprised to find that slave wishes my Master could be served by someone like Mr. McDiarmid. It would please me very much to see Master served that well even if by another.

What, aren’t you human?” “Wouldn't you get jealous?” Oh yes there would be envy but it would not be as strong a feeling as the joy of seeing Master being served that well. Especially in a skill that slave does not know. For what is the MOST important to me, His slave, is seeing Him receive that kind of service. Yes it would be even more enjoyable if I was the one providing it, but you see that is just the selfish part of me, we all have a part like that. And Yes it can be the downfall of many a relationship.

I prefer to be a slave that differs his own pleasure to that of his Master. That is part of the gift slave gives to Master.
Hey, I'm not perfect and as they say “shit happens”. All of our feelings are very real. They can not be defended or explained, they just are. The only thing we can control is how we express and act on those feelings. We can choose a different path if we wish.

 Last weekend Master allowed me to celebrate the two year anniversary of His ownership of me. I got to spend most of the day doing small tasks designed to be “of service”. These were His gifts to His slave. These tasks that slave could do to be “serving Him”. I still am worn out but filled with the glow of happiness that slave got to serve Him.

Even after two years: that's 24 months or 104 weeks: Master still wants to OWN me. Well this slave still feels euphoric about it!

Speaking of happiness, wouldn't this make a great Christmas gift for the kitchen? Hint. Hint.


Wherever You find it, slave hopes you DO find your joy.

Serving Master Indy


To satisfy and restore. To nourish, support and maintain. To gratify, spoil, comfort and please, to nurture, assist, and sustain …..I cook!

PS: Why doesn't slave ever get this kind of help in the morning?

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