Sunday, December 8, 2013

My unique Master deserves a unique cookie

The Gift of a Cookie
It will be a Christmas cookie, a joyous treat.
A temptation for that inside part,
a goody for my Master's Heart:
where “Stern” & “Giggles” meet.

Tis a Confection - not a health food,
a delicacy to the tongue.
Calling not to His maturity
but enticing the parts that are young!
A true gratuity: not pay for when job is done.

It shall be a chewy delight
that is, if slave gets it right.
Not overly sweet
but fruit-sugary neat
a uniquely sophisticate bite.

Friends and fellow servants, My goodness You must feel as if slave had forgotten you. It has been awhile since my last posting. For this entry slave wishes to share with you the process taken when trying to create a gift recipe for someone.

In this case, slave wanted to make a cookie recipe for Master Indy. This would not only be different for the sake of different-ness, but also be a genuinely tasty note to add to this seasons symphony of treats and goodies.

I checked that He enjoyed a chewy type of cookie. Some do not, you know. Knowing His love to start the holiday tastes with a Beaujolais Nuevo, as well as his favorite Pinot Noir: I decided on a sugar based cookie that would not be saccharine at all. 

A touch of natural fruit would be nice. However, for this slave would stay away from Master's usual selection of blueberries or raspberries as being too predictable. It knows better than to turn to strawberries or even a milk type chocolate! Mangoes? Been there, done that. No this shall be more unique.

So with all of these ideas swirling around in the head, it was time to hit the notes and cookbooks as well as the internet.

Now bits and pieces started to fall together so quickly it was frightening. But as the plan formed in my head it all seemed to make sense, of course the first answer is always the truest. So I assembled the parts, then hunted for anything similar. A great resource, often overlooked, are the comments people post to published recipes. They give great ideas which have to be checked out and matched against others.

Above all we must remember baking is more chemistry than any other form of cooking. So some reactions are fairly easy to check out without the cost of buying and trying.

So today the actual mixing started! The dough, (which by the way tasted just as it should have) is resting now in the refrigerator. Monday the first cookies will be tested and ok'ed by slave before a full batch of 4 dozen is cranked out.

“Nothing to it”, You say with a smile? We shall see. The bottom line: This is slave's best way to celebrate the season. Giving! But not just throwing gifts in the general direction hoping they will stick. This giving is based on things that have been shared in the over 20,000 hours since we first had contact. An educated guess at what might please Master's taste-buds. “One never knows, do one?” Wish me luck!

Serving Master Indy!


....i serve

To satisfy and restore. 
To nourish, support and maintain. 
To gratify, spoil, 
comfort and please, 
to nurture, assist, and sustain 
…..I cook!

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