Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Second Day Sweet and Sour Pork

Now then with any leftovers. Try this:
1 green pepper, washed, seeded and cut into small pieces
1 small can pineapple chunks
Bowl of the rice and apple left overs
Pork, cut into 1 inch pieces
Left over sauce.

When diced, drop the green peppers into boiling water and let cook for about 4 – 5 minutes.
Drain the pineapple chunks.

Re heat the rice on your microwaves defrost setting. Or just use 50% power for about 2 to 3 minutes. Remember you just want to heat this not make a popped cereal out of it.
Then mix in the green pepper and pineapple and heat for about 2 minutes on high.

Heat the pork for 2 minutes on high, and the sauce for about 1½ minutes
Serve the pork over the rice and vegetable mixture and top with the sauce!

Granted in most Chinese restaurants that you find in the USA, Sweet and Sour Pork will look different. For one thing the pork will be deep fried in a thick coating and the sauce will be bright red. That's because it is made with grenadine syrup for American tastes. In a more expensive restaurant, you might find an orange colored sauce or “Duck Sauce”. This is more like the original Mandarin cuisine.

However slave is sure your family will enjoy this sauce based with Jack Daniels. This second day left over makes an impressive presentation.


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