Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Easy Peasy Tuna salad

This version of the old tuna salad is easy and healthy. It makes a wonderful luncheon plate for the patio or pool party. That way when you are out thinking about showing some skin you wont feel guilty eating some heavy food. What could say “diet conscious” more than tuna salad?

It dresses up nicely and looks like a million dollars!


1 package (7 oz) elbow macaroni
½ cup frozen green peas, thawed
3 cans (5 oz) tuna, drained
¼ cup mayonnaise or salad dressing
¾ cup nonfat plain Greek style yogurt
1 cup shredded low fat Cheddar cheese (4 oz), if desired
¼ cup sweet pickle relish
2 teaspoons lemon juice
¾ teaspoon salt
¼ teaspoon pepper
1 medium stalk celery, chopped (½ cup)
1 small onion, chopped (¼ cup)


Start water to boil for macaroni:
Chop up the celery and the onion.
In a medium bowl mix the mayonnaise into the yogurt. Add lemon juice
and the salt & pepper. Now mix in the onion, celery and pickle relish.

Then cover it and place in refrigerator to blend flavors while you start the water to cook the macaroni. 
Watch the time needed for the pasta. When half way cooked, add the thawed peas.
When finished, rinse with cold water and drain.

While that drains, you can also drain the tuna, remember to use the kind packed in water not oil!

Pour the dressing onto the tuna mixture and sprinkle with grated cheese.

Serving suggestion: Cut a big tomato into wedges. Place the wedges on the individual plates,

Spoon the tuna salad on top

and cover with the grated cheese.

This makes a festive and healthy lunch.

You could also Par-boiled halves of bell peppers that are scooped out to serve as salad bowls, use various colors.

Here is a great summer song:

Always striving to serve my Master the best.


To satisfy and restore.
To nourish, support and maintain.
To gratify, spoil, comfort and please,
to nurture, assist, and sustain
..I cook!

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PS: Set aside just enough for a neighbor!

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