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Bling the Chicken

Bling the Chicken
That one piece of left-over chicken looked so forlorn in the refrigerator, slave felt sorry for it. Somehow that has to become a full sized meal! Lets see: a can of chicken soup, some angel hair pasta, Oh and some onion and a piece of garlic left! That will work just fine. A quick trip to the store for a bag of frozen mixed vegetables ($1.50) and some fresh asparagus ($1.99).
That cold piece of chicken is gonna get a make over like RuPaul never saw!

When you fix this, if you can't get at least 3 meals out of it, you are not really trying! The only thing slave would change is to add some cut up celery for a bit of crunch. It was everything else!

1 piece of cooked chicken breast
1 pkg frozen mixed vegetables
¼ package of Angel Hair Pasta
½ cup of chopped onion
1 tbs of minced garlic
1 can condensed cream of chicken soup
½ can of skim milk
1 lbs fresh asparagus

Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil over high heat. Add the noodles and bring back to a boil. Boil for 2 to 3 minutes for angel hair pasta. Drain in a colander and rinse under running water. Set aside.

Cut up the chicken and onion, then mince (cut into tiny tiny pieces) the garlic.

Heat 2 TBS of oil in skillet over medium heat and cook onions until they start to turn transparent. About 4 minutes. Add the chicken to warm up and then the garlic. Only let the garlic cook less than 2 minutes before adding the can of chicken soup – you don't want burned garlic!- and HALF a can of skim milk, you don't want soupy!

Stir in the frozen vegetables and cover. Reduce heat to a simmer and let cook for about 7 minutes.

Add the cooked noodles and cook, cutting them slightly with the side of the spatula. Season with salt and pepper. Re-cover and simmer until the noodles have absorbed some of the soup, about 3 minutes.
Serve in a large bowl.

slave serves this with some roasted fresh asparagus! The dark green really balances the chicken mixture yet does not overpower it.

Submission and Fear

The thought of submission is very different and frightening to most men. Even if parts of it ARE intriguing. There must be a reason you've never done it, better not. Why should you try something different, something new? What if? What if?

Why is there a fear that submission or being subservient is a weakness?
Remember there is a BIG difference between “being conquered" and "being submissive."

Writer Princess Kali points out that submission can be wonderfully intimate, but also scary. It goes against what men in western culture are taught they are to do. It takes effort and focus to turn your brain around. Being submissive is not in any way a sign of weakness. After all, is a private or even a sergeant weak because he submits to the authority and directions of a general?

By recognizing that there is strength in submission, a man can still feel that he is maintaining his masculine identity. You are no less of a man because you chose to allow another to guide. In fact often it takes a lot of strength to follow the decisions of another.

This does not address how much power of self control it takes to: “Sit down and shut up”! Even when you know that they are right. However you will find an amazing amount of energy growing within you. All it takes is to simply surrender your will to the direction of another.

Often for a man to explore this role carries another fear. Will this make his partner, even subconsciously, think less of him?

Allow me to frame this in terms of the steps on a set of stairs. Each are of equal height, each are just as important as the other, each serves its purpose. Because one is above the other is only a matter of geography, nothing more, that is all.

So again there is fear in trying something new. Fear in doing things that we are taught not to do. Fear that others will think less of us. Fear that we will no longer be “real men”. Guess what? Facing fear down builds strength. “Doing” will always trump fear. You gain strength when you chose to be submissive. You can't help it!

Submission is NOT a lazy choice. Giving up one's need to control is never easy. At times, slave gets so impatient! I want to get to the point where I don't have to question. Where I can follow Master’s orders without thinking. Where I can simply be satisfied in the knowledge that I serve Him and that pleases him. What is the old prayer? “God grant me patients, but do it quickly” slave learns and grows stronger every day.

If being a submissive male is what resonates within your soul, there is no reason not to explore it. You can not let “the culture you grew up in” dictate such an intimate part of your psyche. It might well be the strongest choice that a man, or woman for that matter, can make. However it is always the wisest choice to be true to your authentic self and explore it with a passion.

You will know when it is right. Then you must set your course.

Master Indy, looking over my thoughts, pointed out: “Once you have a direction that you know is correct, do not allow even the smallest thing to divert you from that goal. “If you are taken off course by even ONE degree per day, in only six months, you will be almost completely turned around and going in the opposite direction.”

Master Indy is my GPS! I follow His direction. I have to get there on my own, but it is by His directions. What's more: every time I do, I gain strength! As I gain strength, my submission grows and it becomes a power loop!

Focus On Service
Your soul desires only to joyfully serve,
and to swim in a constant stream of bliss.
This stream continuously feeds you everything
you need. Put your entire focus upon staying
in this stream of giving and receiving in
every situation, and in all you do.”

Being a submissive is not for everyone. Just do not let FEAR keep you from finding your best destiny.

My destiny is serving my Master Indy

To satisfy and restore.
To nourish, support and maintain.
To gratify, spoil, comfort and please,
to nurture, assist, and sustain
..I cook!

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