Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A little blue tart with a heart

It was pointed out to slave that lately some elaborate recipes have been posted. So perhaps it is time to get back to simple, simple, great tastes!
The other day as slave was wondering through the store, it found the most fantastic display. Fresh Michigan Blueberries! Oh My does my Master love blueberries! Now slave believes that perhaps the Florida blueberries might be considered sweeter. However the Michigan variety just has the nicer balance for my Master's tastes.

This dish is a derivative of the “Old Icebox Cake” from the 30's that slave has presented elsewhere on this blog. It is so simple to make and the results will surprise you at the way they change from what you put into it.

1 pint of fresh blueberries
1 pkg of 8 UNFROSTED brown sugar & cinnamon toaster pastry tarts
1 pkg (4 servings) instant pudding mix, no sugar added (I used Cheesecake flavor but plain vanilla works just fine.
1½ cups cold skim milk
1 8oz. Frozen whipped topping – thawed out!
*Note: this recipe works great with any store brand of the above! Just make sure the “tarts” are UNFROSTED

Rinse your blueberries well and spread on paper towels to dry out.
This gives you a chance to pick out any you don't like the look of and snap off any tiny stems that might still be attached.

In an 8 x 8 cake pan, baking dish or any other such dish, lay out a single layer of the “tarts”. Cut any to fit the pan completely.

Mix the pudding mix as directed on box EXCEPT only use 1½ cups of milk not the full 2 cups. Once mixed, carefully FOLD in half of the thawed topping. You don't want to beat it – it will lose its fluffiness!

Spread out the blueberries over the layer of “tarts”. With a spatula, spread the pudding mixture over to completely cover. This is important for the magic to work.

Lay another layer of “tarts” across the top, then cover and seal with the second half of the reserved plain topping. Again, be sure to seal the top.

Cover the dish with an airtight covering and place in the refrigerator overnight. This is where the magic happens. Not only will the flavors blend, but the pudding will soften the pastries which in turn flavor the pudding. If anything it is even better on the third day, slave thinks, but rarely has any lasted that long!

This does not have to be a desert full of guilt either. Use fat free and no sugar added and the results, will be downright healthy. With all of those anti oxidants and vitamins that are packed in the blueberries and the extra vitamins stuffed into the pastries. Plus this entire dessert cost less than $5 to make! Less if you get the generic brands – which taste just as good in this dessert.

Anyway slave is sure that you will enjoy this surprising taste which is greater than the sum of its parts!

No words express how happy I am to be Master Indy's slave. To be able to create something so unique to His tastes makes me feel so lucky! This might appear to be just a simple little thing that was thrown together, but it is filled with all of the love and caring that slave can give.


To satisfy and restore.
To nourish, support and maintain.
To gratify, spoil, comfort and please,
to nurture, assist, and sustain
..I cook!

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