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Nutty, Naughty, Chicken Meal

Nutty, Naughty, Chicken Meal
Some may recognize this recipe as the “40 cloves of garlic chicken” done of course with slave's twist on things. PLEASE do NOT let the amount of garlic scare you off! Yes, this is a lot of garlic but by the time you eat this the flavor will have faded to the point of just tasting nutty – you wont even have to worry about offending your local vampires!

It is a combination that has been enjoyed for decades. You will be amazed at the wonderful flavor you have created from just a few ingredients.
As always slave will guide you through every step. Ready?

5 chicken thighs (skin on and bone in)
3 lg heads of garlic (the famous 40 cloves!)
extra virgin olive oil
2 tbs chopped parsley
salt & pepper
ground nutmeg
½ pint of non fat buttermilk
2 nice baking potatoes (and favorite toppings – slave uses non-fat yogurt)
1 lbs fresh green beans

The night before: wash and pat dry the thighs (the chicken's- not yours).
Lay out some wax paper.

Carefully using just your fingers, peel the skins off. They come off easily. Lay them out, one on top of the next.

With a sharp small knife cut off any BIG hunks of fat. The more you cut off, the less goes onto your thighs!

Using plastic closeable bags, put the skins in one to seal and freeze. Distribute the thighs among the other bags (2 or 3 per bag). Evenly divide the buttermilk between those bags of chicken. Close tightly and refrigerate over night, turning the bags over once so that they get a good marinade.

That day: Plan ahead, make sure that the lower shelf of the oven (rack) will hold the 3 or 4 quart casserole with lid (big enough to hold the thighs- If you don't have one use a 9 x 13 baking dish) AND the upper shelf or rack will hold a rimed baking sheet.
If they all fit, then Pre heat the oven to 375!

Take the thighs out and let them drain off on paper towels, don't worry about any residue.

Also wash the potatoes and green beans and let dry.

Now lay out two pieces of foil each big enough to wrap a potato. Place a drop of oil on the potato and smear it all over with your hand. One potato on each piece of foil. Wash and dry off your hands. Sprinkle just a bit of kosher salt on each, then tightly wrap up the foil and they are ready to bake.

Have a seat: break apart the garlic into individual cloves with your fingers and peel each one – (Hit with side of knife – the skins will almost fall off.) Trim off the very tip ends.
No one expects you to count out 38, 39, 40 cloves. After doing three “heads” worth, you will know when enough is enough.

NOTE: I just saw a great way to simplify and speed up the process of peeling all of those cloves of garlic.
Toss the head into a glass jar with a screw top. Shake it vigorously. Very quickly you will see that the outer skin has come completely loose and free of the cloves. Open the jar and remove this outer skin and continue to shake the cloves.
This does the same thing and hitting each clove with the side of a knife. The skins come loose. Slave suggests washing the cloves quickly to remove any trace of the paper like skin. If you have any left over, store them in a zipper bag in the freezer. For that matter, you can put them in the jar with some olive oil. That will not only preserve the garlic, it will infuse the oil with the taste! Nom Nom!

Spoon in 2 tbs of olive oil (or if you wish, canola also works well) into the casserole. Add all of those cloves of garlic and stir around to coat them well.
Add the thighs, turning each as you add to coat well with the oil and garlic. Sprinkle with the parsley then shake just a touch of nutmeg over all of it. Cover. If the dish doesn’t have a lid, use foil to tightly seal it.

Put the casserole and the wrapped potatoes on the lower rack in the 375 degree oven. That will cook for an hour.

Now you have plenty of time to sit down and rest at the table and snap those green beans.
When the chicken has been in the oven for about 35 to 40 minutes, spread the green beans on a foil lined baking sheet and spray with a butter flavored cooking spray, then sprinkle kosher salt lightly over the top. Slide this onto the top shelf (rack) of the oven.

Dinner will be ready in about 20 minutes. This is a great time to set the table, make the drinks, clean up the very few things you have used to prepare dinner.

When that cooking hour is up: Take out the chicken and let sit covered for about 10 minutes while you use a slotted spoon to dish out the green beans in a bowl.
Remember chicken should end up at 180 degrees. This means that it can come out of the oven when thermometer reads 165 to 170 degrees.
HOWEVER you MUST let it rest before serving.
The temperature will continue to rise and the juices will be drawn back into the meat. Do not skip this step!

Use tongs to remove the wrapped potatoes to a plate, let your guests cut each open with a table knife. Slave uses non fat plain Greek style yogurt instead of sour cream – Makes a good substitute, try it if you like. Maybe some grated cheese and/or other favorites for baked potatoes.  slave serves the thighs right from in the casserole with the tongs. Less to wash up!

This makes a great balance of flavors. The wonderful, prize winning chicken, the fresh roasted green beans and a nice hot baked potato!

For a bread maybe a nice baguette, but stay away from garlic bread!

If you care for some wine, let slave suggest a nice Pinot Noir!

NOTE: When you go to clean up, just strain the juices from the casserole and save them covered in refrigerator. It makes a fantastic base for gravies, soups, even just to flavor any dish.


Slave loves to serve Master this without stressing the amount of garlic, or pointing out how very low in fat this is, even how the whole meal costs just over $12 at the grocery!
Slave is so darned lucky to be serving a Master such as Master Indy! Thank You so much for allowing me to wear Your collar. Thank You for agreeing to Own me! For three wonderful years, this one has been Your property.


To satisfy and restore.
To nourish, support and maintain.
To gratify, spoil, comfort and please,
to nurture, assist, and sustain
..I cook!

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