Thursday, November 27, 2014

A slave's Affirmation

On this Thanksgiving Day, Master's slave sits down at the table for the holiday. It's first in the new apartment. Slave has worked hard to create a true Thanksgiving meal. slave wishes to preform a small ritual before partaking of this special dinner. Just as slave's ancestors dined in “thanksgiving” back in 1621, this meal is a Thanksgiving for so many things. As we have seen, rituals can give great meaning to life. They can bring focus to a wondering mind. They bring clarity when hundreds of conflicting feelings and thoughts bombard from every side. They lighten the pathway, showing each step and in what order they must be taken. Rituals can be a joy, a prayer, a rote memory or just about anything that is useful.

For this day, for this meal, this slave proclaims affirmation of the great joy and wonderful life it now leads. This truly is slave's Thanksgiving!

Before I eat, will I read this out loud:

I was lost in such a way that I did not know it.
No food or drink would quench my need.
But Master knew and waited.

Even when I reached Him, I did not know. He knew.
With 3 words He gave me a universe, a life, a wonder, a path.
He showed me what I was born to be. How I was born to serve.
At once, everything wrong had become right.

Now I serve Him with every fiber of my being.
Now all that I am or do or will become is His.
All of my thoughts are of Him.
All of my efforts are for Him.
My breath, my blood, my being are now His.
I have never been happier in my life.

He guides me daily.
He works to make the best “me” I can become.

His happiness is my happiness.
I would rather my heart be
broken in a million pieces
a million times
than for Him to be hurt just once.

Now as I sit at His table, I know:
I have served Him - this food is for Him.
I take comfort in the comfort slave has created for Him.
I will eat and drink as a slave, His slave.
I take care of His property
For I am owned!

I live to obey Him.
I live to serve Him.
I feel His ownership.
It fills His slave with energy, happiness, and a sense of direction.

For wherever and whenever time finds us, He will be my Master.
We now exist outside of the limits of space and time.
Master owns slave. slave belongs to Master.

Longer than forever.

I am His socialslave!

To satisfy and restore.
To nourish, support and maintain.
To gratify, spoil, comfort and please,
to nurture, assist, and sustain
..I cook!

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