Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year to ALL!

Happy New Year to ALL! 
 Welcome 2015, 
the year of ACHIEVEMENTS!

Last year Master had me write 14 New Years Eve Resolutions. Then every Sunday I had to post what progress, if any, I had made on each.
It kept me focused and trying to achieve each and everyone. Some were accomplished, some continue to need work, some just failed.

For this year, Master wanted me to write a wrap-up of them and discuss before I ventured to write 15 new ones for this next year. Not just resolutions, but accomplishments I will achieve. I have a wonderful Master who takes His responsibility to heart and makes His slave work to be the best I can become.
Perfection is not a goal, rather the pursuit of perfection is.

So lets look at slave's 2014 New Years Resolutions

1.) #2014Resolutions Increase income:
Wow, this had been a hold over from 2013 and still it has eluded me. I have not found even part time work. That does not mean I give up, only redouble my efforts for the coming year. I can do this. Mark this one Fail!

2.) #2014Resolutions find affordable housing and move. This has been achieved! I sit, writing this, in my own apartment. My home! It is wonderful – it is mine! Mark this one DONE!

3.) #2014Resolutions make a budget, a plan and follow it every week, every month. My weekly schedules are posted each Sunday and taped to my computer so that I can check them off each day. It provides me with a daily guidance, a path to follow. Mark this one DONE!

4.) #2014Resolutions get serious about losing weight. Started and re-started, over and over. I will not admit defeat in this. It is another that my efforts must be redoubled to make. Mark this one fail

5.) #2014Resolutions Learn to market when I have written. Such a slow and tedious task. It requires constant work and effort. It is not something that can be achieved once and forgotten, like quitting cigarettes was for me 2 years ago. Mark this one as on going!

6.) #2014Resolutions Continue to write everyday without fail. This also had become a constant for me. It that I do this by habit now, is an achievement, but again it is never finished. Mark this one DONE!

7.) #2014Resolutions Research and enroll in low cost classes. This has morphed into studying something new every week. For the learning and studying are as important to me as breathing. This too has almost become a habit. Mark this one DONE!

8.) #2014Resolutions Set aside time each day for music. Now music has been incorporated into each part of my day. Not as a background noise, but as a focus -- a goal in itself. Mark this one DONE!

9.) #2014Resolutions Create and publish two recipes a week. This schedule has been paying off. I recently hit over 15,000 views on the blog. People are reading it! Just last year I was so excited to hit 5,000! Mark this one DONE!

10.) #2014Resolutions Start attending The Club House three times a week. This has been a major disappointment. The person who was head of the organization, proved to be a bully more interested in their own authority then in the well being of the people who were “members”. It is a shame, but a problem that was not mine to fix. So now my focus is on finding daily activities, such as a part time job or volunteering. Mark this one as FAIL.

11.) #2014Resolutions Write-up three films a week for discussion group. While I have still written and re-written discussions of films, a proper venue has not been found, so this has not taken the attention I have been giving other resolutions. Mark this one as on going.

12.) #2014Resolutions If no money to buy food for recipes: will write tips and just a column. More and more, I have written columns on various related topics and they seem to be well received. Mark this one as DONE.

13.) #2014Resolutions Will set limit of 5 hours a day spent with computer. My computer time has been rather easy to limit now. While it is the most important form of communication for me, I can and do have a life away from this keyboard. Mark this one as DONE!

14.) #2014Resolutions Plan and participate in out of home activities. Really enjoyed going to the Christmas Chinese Buffet! I am much freer to come and go now. So the world does not have to wait so long....! :-) Mark this one as on going!

That's three “fails”,
three “on going”,
and EIGHT as “DONE!”

Well it has been a wonderful experience working on these resolutions every week. Having a goal and a verifiable progress measurement has allowed me to achieve these. Yes, at times it was a pain, but reporting each week kept me at my tasks and I am a better person for that training. I owe so much to my Master. He has so much more patients than I. He understands the value and has the ability to “reset”, without taking His eyes from His goal.
He believes in me even when I have doubts.
Some one asked me “Why would you want to be a slave?”. I replied: “ I want to be HIS slave”. Master Indy completes me.


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