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Don Slater Getting By Meal

Don Slater is largely forgotten today, however he played a very important role in furthering LGBT rights in the 1950's. In November of 1952, Don Slater founded “ONE” the country’s first openly distributed homophile magazine.
A social movement has to have a voice beyond its own members, he said.
Nobody had ever done that. The magazine was the beginning of the movement.”
As the editor, Slater began one of his most significant contributions to free expression in 1954. The FBI and postal inspectors charged that ONE could not be sent through the U.S. mail because it contained obscene material. The magazine was obscene because it was about homosexuals.
The whole staff chipped in and hired a lawyer to fight the charges all the way to the Supreme Court. In January 1958, the Court unanimously reversed the decision of the lower courts. The landmark decision established the subject of homosexuality is not, per se, obscene. LGBT publications could legally be distributed through the mail.
Despite its historical significance, the magazine never made money. Slater recalled. "It wouldn't have survived if we editors hadn't put our own money into it continually. We wanted it to work. So we all just pitched in.

Those were lean years, they did it because it had to be done. This simple cheap meal is symbolic of the struggles pioneers like Don Slater undertook.
Don died in 1997 from an infected heart valve implant. Survived by Tony Reyes, his partner of 51 years. A true hero of the LGBT movement.

1 13oz. Package of smoked turkey sausage ($3.00)
1 lbs. Fresh green beans ($2.99)
1 lbs package of frozen Potato “tots” ($1.00)
olive oil
kosher salt


Pre heat the oven to 400 degrees. Line a baking pan with foil and spray.
Snap the ends off the green beans and soak in water that has about ½ cup white vinegar in it. This will completely clean them in about 5 minutes. Rinse well.

Cut the turkey sausage on the angle and place in a bowl with 2 tbs olive oil. Still until coated. Remove with a slotted spoon and spread out in the pan.
Place the green beans in that bowl with the olive oil and stir them around until coated. Sprinkle with the kosher salt. Pour the potatoes around the pieces of turkey sausage and fill in the gaps with the green beans.

Roast for 20 to 25 minutes in the oven, then serve in a large bowl.

This hearty great tasting meal is also a healthy one as well as easy on the budget. It certainly does not take a chef to put it together, so why not try it some night?
Here's is some period music for the meal:
When you fix this, bring up the Don Slater story. Let's not let this hard work go forgotten.

Serving my Master Indy with joy.

To satisfy and restore.
To nourish, support and maintain.
To gratify, spoil, comfort and please,
to nurture, assist, and sustain
..I cook!

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