Friday, February 27, 2015

When a Myth is Good for a Smile

“Scene” people love to decry the “50 Shades” thing. However, we have to admit it's myth fuels many a fantasy. Where would sex be without fantasies? These sex dreams and play scenarios can get elaborate if not down right impossible. That is just fine as long as we remember they are not real.

What a wonderful transition it is when we manage to move from fantasy into real life. When we find we CAN live out our scenarios, we are filled with bliss and trepidation. They say: “Be careful what you wish for.” slave says: “Know what it is that you really want.”

Recently, this one had the honor to discus what voluntary slavery was all about. A respected Sir was bemoaning that a guy had pleaded to be his slave for the weekend. Now this Sir is quick to point out that He is Not a Master. (yes Virginia, there is a difference). What was worse, the pleading included a list of things the “slave” wanted! How the “slave” wanted to be “punished” by having Sir do all these to him. Who's zooming who?

Slave is not an expert in these matters. However the image presented left this one's head spinning. Now it feels compelled to present some ideas of what being a slave involves for socialslave.

They say you are not a “true slave” until you agree to do what you do not want to do. This is especially when you see no point in it and it serves no purpose, merely a whim of the Master. OK, apologies for the “True salve”, that is an idiom for idiots! It shall not be used again.

For this one, the joy, the euphoria, comes from the serving, the comforting, the caring for Master. It is hard to explain. The giving is the gift. It is its reward. Serving is so much more than charity, which, slave feels should be private and never have a reward. The act of being subservient to another's wishes gives also to the giver. Being subordinate does not imply “of less worth”. Slave has often said it is like the steps on a stairway, each of equal height and strength. Their placement a matter of geography. Master has His duties. Slave has its duties. Please remember that TPE, Total Power Exchange, is in fact an exchange, not just a transfer from one to the other. Both receive benefit. A slave's joy is in being able to provide to Master what Master wants.

Yes it can be confusing for words change their meanings as they are reflected in the many different mirrors of the reader's experiences.

Slave found this on Tumbler the other day and re-posts it in hopes you find more clarity in it. It is purported to have been written by Master Mark. To Him should be the credit.

slavery is not about suffering . .
. . slavery is about service.

slavery is not about humiliation . .
. . slavery is about humility.

slavery is not about pain . .
. . slavery is about being present.

slavery is not about being used . .
. . slavery is about being of use

slavery is not about control . .
. . slavery is about letting go.

slavery is not about what is done to you . . .
slavery is about what you do for others.

slavery is not about abuse . .
. . slavery is about acceptance.

slavery is not about proving anything . .
. . slavery is about being real.

slavery is not about contempt . .
. . slavery is about respect.

slavery is not about how you look . .
. . slavery is about how much you care.

slavery is not about denying yourself . .
. . slavery is about being open

slavery is not about bondage . .
. . slavery is about freeing your spirit.

slavery is not about punishment . .
. . slavery is about discipline.

slavery is not about being unable to escape . .
slavery is about being committed.

slavery is not about submission . .
. . slavery is about obedience.

slavery is not about fear . .
. . slavery is about trust.

slavery is not about sex . .
. . slavery is about love.

slavery is not about pleasure . .
. . slavery is about happiness 
Master Mark

While slave has minor disagreements with the line concerning submission, it finds this does a great job of presenting the concept of slavery.

Remember that while our fantasy scenario might be an imprisonment where we are being tortured for punishment. Real punishment is something we do not and will not EVER want! It has to be “unwantable” if it is to provide discipline. We need discipline for that provides order. Order provides structure and safety.
Don't worry if all of this makes no sense to you. That's OK. It is intended for the people who find a resonance with these words. If it is right for you, you will feel it.

So let's let the myth of “50 shades” be good for a smile. Recognize it for what it was intended, a fantasy to sell books. It was never intended to be a guidebook. We have the inside track. We do not have to justify ourselves to anyone. The only opinion that matters is Master's opinion. If He finds fault, He will let you know, and you will not like it at all!

Every night socialslave asks itself: “Has the best been done to serve my Master? “has slave brought a smile to Master's life?”
Tomorrow starts anew, a new opportunity to serve my Master, a new joy!

To satisfy and restore.
To nourish, support and maintain.
To gratify, spoil, comfort and please,
to nurture, assist, and sustain
..I cook!

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