Friday, February 24, 2017

Hamburger Stroganoff One Better

A bright citrus taste of orange lifts this kitchen classic to new levels. Why can't comfort be exciting? The use of Triple Sec Orange liqueur gives this a WOW factor.

It is a very useful tool to take a familiar dish and hype it up with something unexpected.

1lbs. ground beef
8 oz. fresh mushrooms
1 yellow onion chopped
1 T. Worcestershire sauce
¾ C triple Sec (optional)
½ C. beef stock
½ tsp. salt
¼ tsp pepper
1 Tbs flour
1 C. sour cream
2 Tbs fresh basil, chopped divided
1 pkg. egg noodles
2 T. butter

Do your cutting: Chop the onion
Rinse the mushrooms and drain well
Start the pasta

Heat oil in large skillet and brown the ground beef for 8 – 10 minutes.
Do Not keep stirring this. The more stirring, the smaller the pieces will be and you want larger hunks for this dish.

Remove to paper towel.

Add 2 tbs of butter to skillet and sweat the onions for 5 minutes. Add the mushrooms for another 8 minutes. Sprinkle in 1 tbs of flour and stir until well mixed.

Pour in the Triple Sec and stir well, allowing the alcohol to cook out.

Add the beef stock along with the Worcestershire sauce. Keep stirring until a nice gravy is formed. Return the beef to the mix. Lower the heat and stir occasionally for about 5 minutes.

When heated through, add the sour cream, half the fresh herbs and remove from heat.

Serve noodles topped with a generous portion of stroganoff, garnished with remaining herbs.
Serve with a green vegetable.

Serving my Master Indy

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To nourish, support and maintain.
To gratify, spoil, comfort and please,
to nurture, assist, and sustain
..I cook!

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