Saturday, October 26, 2013

party meat treats

party meat treats This is an old favorite I've never written out.

Meat treats
2 pkgs party rye squares “loafs”
1 lbs ground beef
½ lbs lean sausage
Yellow onion
----Bar B Cue sauce & pizza sauce

Brown ground beef, ½ pkg sausage and cut up onion. divide into thirds.

1/3 simmers with small portion of pickle relish and 2 Tbs of yellow mustard.

1/3 simmers in Bar B Que sauce.

1/3 simmers with mushrooms cut in tiny pieces in Pizza sauce.

When almost time to serve, arrange rye squares on cooking sheet.

Top each with alternation spoonfuls of meats

put American cheese on mustard ones

put cheddar on Bar B Que ones

put provel on pizza ones

Pace in oven until cheeses have melted
Arrange on platter.
Do one tray at a time

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