Thursday, October 2, 2014

Finding my Boys

Master, I hope You will understand slave when he says he learned something this morning. 

With all that You give me, You do NOT give me happiness. Your gift is that You coax happiness out of me, where it hides all too often.

I looked to find my happiness and found him, like a small child hiding from me.

“What's wrong little guy?” I ask and wiped away a tear from his big eyes.

“He's not there, he sniffed. “I looked early this morning and he was not there!”

I pulled him to me in a hug. “No, He is not there this morning. “But that does not mean that he is gone. “You are not alone, I am here. “Besides there is another little boy around here somewhere. “His name is Trust. “Lets go look for him and we all can play as I bake a cake!”

That looked like my words had stopped his fear and together we found “Trust”. These guys are wonderful together. I need them both so much.

“Now I have to get to peeling some apples, you guys want to lick the beater?” 


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