Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Master's Banquet Part three

After a few days break, lets get back to the business of planning our Holiday BDSM Master's Banquet. As we have stated, this is going to be a fun, fetish, fancy meal full of protocol and symbolism. A chance to get together and enjoy what it is that we do!. Masters savoring the rewards of their class and slaves enjoying the role they were born for.
There will be none of the stresses of preforming sexual tasks or giving orders. This is just lucky kinky friends enjoying life. They will be served a fantastic meal. They will be fulfilling social responsibilities of the holidays. Above all they will be pampered in a relaxed environment. They will have the chance to be themselves!

So now we have laid the ground rules. Lets look at what you are going to need to have ready.

A dinning table that seats 6 (You will only be using 3 chairs but you need the size.)

China: Yes this should be the really nice stuff that you have been “saving away” get it out and check, wash, then cover until they are needed. slave is not suggesting you go out and buy a full set of fine china. It can be very expensive:

You will need a set that matches and includes:
6 full sized Dinner plates (12 inch size)
6 salad plates (7 inch size)
6 soup bowls (they don't have to be big, just matching)
6 Bread & Butter plates (4 inch)

A real fabric table cloth (it can go over plastic if you wish as long as it doesn't show through)with matching 6 napkins (YES!)
This should go nicely with your china, plain always looks far more elegant that a floral and allows the food (and the china to a lesser extent)to be the star!
This MUST BE IRONED – NO FOLDS allowed! Note: if the cloth has a finished side, lay this “face down” on the empty table then roll it up until you need to set the table. If there is any “curl” it will be “under”.

For the dessert course: You will need a fresh fabric table cloth and 6 napkins.
China can be a different pattern for this course but much match.
6 dessert dishes (for this desert you can use salad sized plates)
6 cups & saucers
2 sets of “Cream & Sugars” one to match the china for the table and another for sugar and powdered creamer for under the table.

Flatware: While using sterling silver would naturally be preferred, alas it is not often found in today’s households like it used to be. So the next best thing is silver-plated. Sets can be rented so please strive for this small luxury. It shows honor for your guests and reflects well on your Master.
There are some gold-washed sets out there, but tend to be ostentatious, don't you think?

You will need:
First course:
6 salad forks
6 soup spoons (these are larger than the everyday spoons)

Main course:
6 table knives
6 table forks
6 spoons

Dessert course:
6 desert forks
6 spoons

Glassware: Dinner has been designed for serving larger glasses for water and slightly smaller glasses for wine. The food has been chosen to go with either a good white or red wine. Please unless insisted by ALL, limit what you serve to water, wine, and or ice tea. This is just not the type of dinner for sitting beer cans around!
You will need “water” glasses and “wine” glasses for the table. A different set without stems CAN be used for the floor, but please remember even though they are slaves: they are Your Master's guests and should be served the best way you can! The only excuse for not using stemware is that it might be as stable on carpeting. But plan ahead with three rolls of paper towels under the table!

You will need:
6 water glasses
6 wine glasses

Note: for the 3 water glasses and 3 wineglasses on the table, you will need small clear plastic saucers – a total of 6

These are large decorative plates that sit beneath the first course dishes.
They create a pretty background.
No food is eaten off of them.
These can be metal or even plastic.
They should be larger than the 12 inch dinner plates.
A bright solid color to match or contrast the table cloth.
They are simply a touch of elegance!
They are removed when the main course arrives.
Please consider buying them if you find something suitable when you go to the dollar store for the saucers.!
I recently found 16 bronze colored chargers at Michaels for 80-cents each. ($1 on-sale plus a 20% off coupon.)

Now for the table piece: it is suggested something that reflects the BDSM style. For example: a black riding crop, a length of shiny chain, a pair or two of polished handcuffs. I'm sure you have them laying around, just make sure they are clean and polished brightly. If you want to add the ambiance of candlelight. Use enough. Or just two large plain white ones that are supplemented by dimming the electric lights. Make sure they are UN-SCENTED! Nothing can ruin the taste of a well balanced dish than a candle that smells like a garden of lavender! Place them on something to catch the melted wax!
These table pieces will only be on view during the First and the Main courses of the dinner. The table will be completely re-set for the dessert course. No formal table piece is needed for that.

If you wish music, please keep it low, discreet, and nothing that could interfere with the conversations and jokes that will flow around and under the table. Many prefer to use classical pieces for the reason it does not have words that could catch the attention of your guests. Music should not distract but rather add a soft cushion to receive any breaks in the conversation.

Does this sound complicated? Each part of this evening is filled with symbolism and ceremony. Remember this is all to set the stage. Think of it as putting out the props for a play. Everything adds to the total of the evening. It is all for the comfort and enjoyment of Your Master's guests.

May slave offer a suggestion. When all is set, dinner is at the proper stages of being prepared. Before Your Master's guests arrive. Take a moment of silence, on your knees before Your Master. This will center yourself and calm your nerves. Take that time to honor Him. Tell Him Thank You for this chance to reflect well on Him and to make Him look good. Thank Him for the chance to serve, not only His Master friends but also to serve their slaves. A true slave remembers, it must serve both!

This will be a great chance to serve! A fun fancy fetish feast!
Enjoy every minute of it! Once you have prepared with lists, and time tables, focus on cooking and serving. Relax doing what you love the most for the person that has your unwavering devotion. As slave has to its Master Indy


To satisfy and restore.
To nourish, support and maintain.
To gratify, spoil, comfort and please,
to nurture, assist, and sustain
..I cook!

Please buy slave's cookbook:

The Little Black Book of Indiscreet Recipes by Dan White http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00F315Y4I/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_vAT4sb0934RTM via @amazon

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