Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Valhalla That is Vanilla

The Valhalla That is Vanilla

      Often in today's world and especially in the BDSM scene the word: “Vanilla” refers to something that is plain or boring. But please let us reconsider the spice or flavoring that we know of as Vanilla.
     For example did you know that it is the world's second most expensive flavoring? Cultivating and producing vanilla is the second most labor-intensive proposition growers can undertake.
      It comes from the only orchid of some 20,000 varieties that bears anything edible. An orchid that naturally only grows on the edge of a certain rain forest in Central America. (Now grown in three areas of the world: Madagascar, Tahiti, and Mexico)
      The flower only opens for less than 1 day and must be hand pollinated for it to produce any beans. These beans are flavorless and must be cultivated by hand.
      Fermentation then begins with the beans being plunged into hot water. The alternating steps of “drying” in the sun and being wrapped in blankets to “sweat” in the overnights as this cycle keeps being repeated. This process can last anywhere from 2 to 6 months! The beans finally become a very dark brown color and develop a white crystalline substance (or frost) on the outside of the bean.
     Now its glory can be realized. Glory you ask? Do you remember those wonderful smells of baking cookies or cakes or candy during the Holidays?
Yes it is a Glory!

      In fact, one of the most powerful tools in home sales can be simply warming a tablespoon full of vanilla in the oven before an open house! Subconsciously it will trigger those memories of marvelous tastes coming from that kitchen and you want to buy!

      slave posts this because it will not be long before that holiday baking will be upon us. Home made Real Genuine Vanilla extract – can be VERY easy to make. I'm not talking about some imitation flavoring that has been made from wood pulp or ox gall or some gross chemical you don't really want to know where it came from. The real thing, full strength and even a non-cook can do it! In fact, slave is starting some now to give as Christmas Gifts! It does take about 8 weeks to complete.

      All you need is a bottle to hold it, about 7 vanilla beans and 1 cup of vodka! Mix, then shake it twice a week – That's IT! You do NOT need to know how to: peel, puree, mash, boil, broil or bake it. You do need to know how to shake it, and slave just makes the wild guess that you DO know how to do that, don't you? I thought so!

      So lets follow along as slave posts this every week and you can see how easily this is. Add it to the knowledge of how to make your own baking powder, slave showed you last year and Son of a GUN, You are baking from scratch with flavors that would have made your grandmother jealous!

      In case you are wondering, slave will be using the beans from Madagascar, the traditional taste. The beans from Tahiti tend to be more aromatic but not as full of flavor. They are most often used in fragrances. The Mexican beans produce more of an earthy, nutmeg like taste. Then of course, you could vary the taste by using, say bourbon or scotch instead of vodka, or gin or any type of alcohol as long as it is at least 70 proof. Create your own brand or flavor of vanilla!

7 Vanilla Beans (slave chose Madagascar-bourbon)
1 cup Vodka

Fancy 8oz bottle that seals!

Wash out bottle well!
Slice each bean lengthways and cut into about 3 parts each.

Place each part into bottle. With a funnel, pour in 1 cup of: vodka (or rum, bourbon or just about any other alcohol – 70 proof - of your choice.)

Seal up the bottle and shake it well. You want to make sure that the beans are covered in the alcohol. Notice: slave used 200ML not full cup.
That was only because I could not buy vodka in 1 cup bottles!

One to use, one to give as a gift!

Slave put up a sheet on the inside of the cabinet door with the dates the bottle needs to be shaken as well as the final date when the extract will be finished. (in about 8 weeks)

At that time, the process will be complete. The vanilla is ready to use and the beans should be removed. Pour the contents through a strainer and then back into the bottle.

If the vanilla beans are left in the bottle, the flavor will continue to deepen and get stronger just like a fine wine (just be sure the beans are always submerged in alcohol).
Follow along as slave shows you how easy this whole process is.

slave is starting this now so that there is time to not only send off one bottle as a Christmas Gift, but also use the other for holiday baking!

Slave is so lucky to be serving such a wonderful Master as Master Indy.


To satisfy and restore.
To nourish, support and maintain.
To gratify, spoil, comfort and please,
to nurture, assist, and sustain
..I cook!

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