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A Holiday Master's Banquet!

A Holiday Master's Banquet!

Slave has put together an idea for a very fun evening for the Holidays. How about a role-play BDSM Master's Banquet?

You have heard people complain about the disappearance of the “Old Guard”. This will be an “Old Style” social event you and maybe 2 other couples will be talking about for years!
slave had been asked to post information on setting a formal table or about “manners” & “etiquette”.

Let's have some fun setting up a “protocol” type dinner for your BDSM friends. It will be like taking part in a play. Since this will be a high style banquet, we will get to use all of the formal “Etiquette” elements while we have some fun living OUR life.

Plan ahead! Print up descriptions and notes as an invitation. Send them via the old “Snail Mail”. It is part of the mood you are setting.

Keep it simple, a sit down dinner for not more than four guests. Believe me serving six will be challenging enough. A dinning room with the space to have chairs around the table and seating on the floor (for slaves, of course) Nobody is young anymore so have thick pillows for them.

This is a great excuse to get out the fine china! Polish the silverware! IRON the tablecloths. We are going fancy on this! Come on it will be fun! Tell your friends to dress casual: You will be supplying the elegance!
Slave will be posting recipes and ideas.

Here is a quick run down so you get an idea what we're talking about. Much of This Idea was derived from the Submissive Guide Newsletter from last year

Before The Guests Arrive:
Remove every other chair at the table, giving the Dominants the opportunity to decide whether his slave will be seated at the table (He pulls a chair up) or the on the floor at his right. Some Masters request their slave eat at the table with them due to physical restrictions, or just to observe how to conduct a formal dinner.
The serving slave never makes direct eye contact with the guests seated at the table and speaks only to offer menu selections after the dominant has indicated he is ready.

These “indications” for the serving slave are interesting and in some cases universal, so you might as well learn them here.

When setting your table only: the knife and fork are placed in an “X” across the empty dinner plate.

This allows the dominant to communicate he does not yet wish food. When He is ready, the Dominant “uncrosses” and places them to the left and right of his dinner plate.

The serving slave watches for this and is his cue. At this point the slave is allowed to speak:
“If Master/Mistress pleases, Master_________ offers soup and/or salad as a first course, Sir.Master/Mistress: which would You desire first, Sir?

All glassware is placed “upside down.” There is also a small clear plate beneath every glass. (hit the dollar store for plastic). The dominant indicates his desire for water or wine by turning that glass “right side up.” As long as the glass is right side up, it should be refilled.

The dominant will indicate he is finished with the course by placing the used silverware face down on the plate or bowl.
If He wants more: silverware will stay up right – that may be a serving that He hands to His slave to eat. Since this is a role play dinner: remember the Master always provides for His slave.

Silverware upside-down on plate always means “finished, take it away”.

After the first course dishes are removed and the main course is ready to be served:
The serving slave will notice: dominant will place his knife across the dinner plate indicating he wants all of the meat cut into small pieces before it is served.
  • The meat is cut so the dominant can hand feed his slave from the table without having to cut the meat if He so wishes.
Although the serving slave does not speak to the other slaves while he is attending to the dominants at the table, it’s acceptable and encouraged to exchange with other slaves under the table.

The evening should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for all in attendance. It’s actually a beautiful picture, relaxed Dominants sitting at a fine table with their contented slaves sitting at their feet, happily chatting with each other. If the slaves get too loud, a tapping of silverware on a drinking glass is given as a warning and should be instantly headed!

The Host Master will decide when to rise and invite the Dominants to join him in the living room. All the slaves help to clear the table, and prepare the dining room for dessert. (It also allows them to stretch & hit the bathroom)

The table is cleared completely and new table cloth laded and fresh napkins. Once again the dessert fork is placed diagonally on the dish, when the dominant removes the fork it means dessert is desired.

Coffee cups are placed upside down and a tea bag is placed on top of each. If a dominant would like tea instead of coffee, he will place the tea bag in the cup. If not, he will remove the tea bag and place it to the side. A coffee cup turned right side up means he wants coffee. Coffee and tea will be refilled until the dominant indicates he is satisfied by placing his spoon in the cup.

This is just to give a taste. In the next few days slave will be posting more information on presenting your own Master's Banquet.

Allow me to say that participating in a formal Master/slave Banquet will be a rewarding adventure. You will find a bonding and camaraderie forms between those that share the experience. Your guest will cherish the memory.

Almost as much as slave cherishes the chance to serve its Mastyer Indy!


To satisfy and restore.
To nourish, support and maintain.
To gratify, spoil, comfort and please,
to nurture, assist, and sustain
..I cook!

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