Saturday, September 20, 2014

My Master Applies Ice Therapy.

My Master Applies Ice Therapy.

Master gave a gift today,
much more fine than gold.
A gift of time and effort
too precious to be sold.

Its what I love the most in life
it fills my heart with joy
He allows me to rejoice
in just being His toy.

I get to drop my walls
I'm let to open doors
His energy now can tour
deep into all my stores.

So slow this body does react
sensations cold and warm
What was identified as pain
now takes another form

It is now my Master's power
I feel a strength of storm
It surges deep within
as ice turns into warm.

How does He understand
the bliss that now I know?
Hush” my Master says,
just let your feelings flow”

To welcome invasion I submit
He gently pushes past
involuntary resistance
halfheartedly can't last

I cause each muscle to relax
To Master's power wave
a fuller consummation
I can not wish nor crave.

How wonderful it feels
to relax and let it flow
He enters every cell
And very deep I know

His presence is there
He does belong.
A virtuoso playing
and body responds in song

To slightest touch
I cry out strong and loud
a voluntary victim
His slave, so very proud.

That sweet surrendering
His joy my only goal
brings satisfaction deeper
an orgasm of my soul

Is this the level slave has shrived?
A goal we both did seek
His massive explosion,
my climax but no leak.

No time for thoughts
I let them drift away
my desire is to just react
My Master is at play

Drawn by His force
of domination pure
I eagerly accept
wholeheartedly His cure.

I gave and He has taken
He gave and I consumed
knowledge did awaken
His ownership assumed

So deeply into His control
I find there's no way out
It's neither wished
nor missed without a doubt.

Now indentured slave, I find
I no longer have a say
What a truly marvelous gift
My Master gave today.


To satisfy and restore.
To nourish, support and maintain.
To gratify, spoil, comfort and please,
to nurture, assist, and sustain
..I cook!

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