Saturday, April 4, 2015

A slave's Passover


This week slave has been studying the Passover Seder. As much as could be found on line. Yes, I understand the irony for a consensual slave to be celebrating a deliverance from slavery. However, hear me out. This is not the place for an in depth theological discussion. Let's just say that “slavery” can mean many different things.

One of the lines spoken during the Seder is in part: “I will bring you out from under the burdens of the Egyptians...”I will take you to be my people.”

For ages LGBT's have had to live under a mantle of exploitation and oppression. We have been tracked down like animals. Inhuman medical “experiments” and “cures” have been inflicted on us. Yet perhaps the worst was convincing so many that even their “Higher power” hated and was disgusted with them. For centuries many accepted this second class status. A belief that we must never participate in what brings us joy. If we do, we needed to be ashamed of it.

For this one, celebrating this ritual is celebrating the journey out of this persecution. Just as every Jewish person following the “order” of the Seder feels that they are personally making that journey. Walking into the freedom of being “God's people”. LGBT's every where can find support in the modern Jewish tradition of adding an orange to the Seder plate. This is to symbolize those who still suffer under oppression and burden of victimization, especially the LGBT community.

We respect your traditions and thank you.


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