Saturday, October 8, 2016

Ask Not For Asphalt

Where have I been? 

Monday morning, half asleep, I'm trying to figure out this crazy dream. On general principles, I refuse to get up until the alarm goes off in a few minutes. In my dream, someone had presented me a chunk of asphalt. After saying “Thank You” (and thinking WTF?) I was consumed with the thought “How am I supposed to react and not hurt their feelings?”

Yeah – crazy! But after all it was a dream. Now with coffee by my side I think I have a handle on it.

You might know that this last week I've gotten some bad news about my heart. Today I have to return a heart monitor that I wore for 24 hours. Someone is to fit me with a “Life Vest” that will act as a defibrillator. I need to schedule a hospital test where they run a wire up my groin and into my heart just to check out the road way.

So maybe that's why I've been given a piece of “road”? I've been given a road, a path to follow. I should be honored by this, for it is a special gift. What a wonderful way of being shown somebody greater than me cares!

We face many things as we age. Some are great – some are just BIG! Fortunately we have the power to change our world! All we have to do is change the WAY we look at it. Change the angle of our view. Just tilt our head to change how we perceive what is before us. As for me, I choose happiness over sadness. I would rather feel good than to feel bad.

While being a “victim” has its rewards, it is extremely limiting. I choose a more open life, now more than ever. This path, this road is a gift that I am thankful for! It is a way to continue, to grow, to learn! For I see even more happiness ahead. This piece of asphalt is a rock I can use to climb!

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