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John Rechy Pork Roast

Our dish tonight is named to honor a remarkable writer and hero. Be sure to take time to read a quick write-up about the man who defined a subculture.

This roast is a result of catching a sale on the last day. A 4 lbs pork roast for about $5.00! There are many things you can do with this IF you have any left-overs.

4lbs pork roast
3 medium yellow onions sliced
22.8 oz (large can) cream of chicken soup
10.5 oz can cream of onion soup
8oz fresh mushrooms
2 Tbs Worcestershire sauce

On the night before: Wipe out your slow cooker and spray it well.
Slice up the onions and put them in the cooker on LOW heat.

On the day of dinner: This will cook on low for 10 hours, so count backwards from time of dinner to know when to start it. For example: if dinner is planed for 6PM – 6 hours back would be noon and 4 more hours back would be 8AM. So you know that everything has to be in the cooker and the lid on by 8AM.

Since this dish is super easy you have nothing to worry about. Just before 8AM: use a slotted spoon to scoop out about half of the cooking onions into a bowl.

Set the pork roast on the bed of onions left in the cooker.

In a large bowl mix the 2 undiluted cans of soup with the Worcestershire sauce. Carefully pour this around the sides of the roast, reserving a couple of spoonfuls to place on top. Spoon the rest of the onions back on top of the roast.
Cover and let cook for 9 hours.

When nearing that 9 hour mark, rinse and drain the mushrooms.

They will be added for that last - 10th hour of cooking.
This will give you plenty of time to set the table, fix other vegetables, like mashed potatoes for that wonderful gravy being made in the cooker! Maybe a nice mixed vegetable for your other side. That would give a nice mix of color to your table.

For our music tonight, how about:

Remember to sing with happiness when cooking for your Master!

To satisfy and restore.
To nourish, support and maintain.
To gratify, spoil, comfort and please,
to nurture, assist, and sustain
..I cook!

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slave named this dish in honor of an 

important gay author: John Rechy.

His first book: “City of Night” was published 

in 1963 when John was living as a male 

prostitute on the streets of Los Angeles.

"City of Night began as a letter to a friend 

of mine after I had been to New Orleans. I 

wrote City of Night because they were my 

experiences hustling, and it began as a 


I didn't think of it as a book." 


It was so completely different from any other 

novel, it caught your attention. It was not 

titillating nor was it defensive. It presented a 

subculture as Rechy saw it and lived it. In 

doing so John Rechy set the bar high for any 
novel written around sex, especially gay sex. 

It shocked the reading public that only knew 

of homosexuals in a vague and often very 

prejudicial way. Their only reference to 

“people like that” had come from preachers 

or snide jokes.

Society had worked for decades to hide and 
distort any views of gay people.

John was born in 1931 to Mexican migrants in El Paso Texas. He is among the pioneers of modern LGBT literature. Though the 60's Rechy was by day a successful bestselling author and a college professor. By night, however, he worked the streets as a hustler, selling sex to men.

It was the quality of his writing, the depth of his prose that marks him as one of the best writers in the 20th century. Books such as: The Sexual Outlaw (1977) as well as others like, Numbers (1967) Rushes (1979) were exceptionally written and worth study today. Rechy has even contributed to Chicano literature with his novel The Miraculous Day of Amalia Gomez, which is a mainstay in that culture. Yet after writing 16 books Rechy comments; “You continue to be known for the first one.”

This remarkable writer survived his time in the streets (the last time he hustled was when he was 55 years old – just to prove he could still do it!), He survived drug problems in the 70's, survived the AIDS epidemic and is still going strong in his 80's!

Critic/author Jameson Currier wrote: “Perhaps more than any other American author in the 20th century, his [Rechy] writings have helped shape the sexual consciousness of several generations of gay men.”
Author/critic Michael Bronski said “[He] super-radically and forever altered how mainstream American culture wrote about, saw, experienced, and conceptualized homosexuality…”

Maybe not as important to literature, but it is fun to point out the opening lines of The Village People’s iconic disco hit YMCA are clearly inspired by an early chapter in City of Night, where the “youngman” protagonist is directed to the YMCA by, of all people, a cop. The song refers to that, and refers to “youngman” as a compound word.

John Rechy lived and wrote larger than life. Our culture and lives are enriched by the very fact of his being and his perceptions. At the age of 85, John still speaks out and contributes on his website:

So we send out this meager effort as our way of honoring and saying thank you to John Rechy, our Sexual Outlaw!

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