Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Helping the “Helper”

As you may have noticed, I rarely use packaged hamburger dinners. Its not that they don't taste good, but they are loaded with salt! However there are times, perhaps when you are feeling a bit under the weather or are pressed for time, these can come in handy. For instance, I found a package of a Stroganoff helper dinner in the pantry. That started the wheels turning and this meal was produced. Easy and used up some things left in refrigerator.

Doctoring up a packaged meal is a quick and easy way to make it your own. This offers a different twist to the old Russian classic with some bratwurst instead.

1 box Stroganoff Helper meal (fixed according to package)
½ cup cut up onions
1 cup cut up mushrooms
4 all beef bratwurst (cooked)
1 5oz cup non fat plain Greek style yogurt.
Salt & pepper to taste


Cut up the onions & mushrooms. (Slave had these in refrigerator from other dishes this week) Slice the bratwurst on the angle.

Heat oil in large skillet (w/cover). Add onions, mushrooms and bratwurst pieces. Stir and cook for about 10 minutes. This lets natural flavors develop and blend.

Now treat this like it was the “hamburger” for the helper meal and fix that according to package directions. Add noodles, sauce mix, hot water, and milk. Cover and let simmer.

Just before serving,remove from heat and stir in the flavored yogurt. This makes a great replacement for sour cream!

Slave suggests a plain green vegetable or really about any vegetable mix works with this. Easy and fixes in about ½ an hour.

Makes a big meal that will give you left-overs for another dinner or two.

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