Saturday, August 3, 2013

Serve, sit down and shut-up!

No matter how good things are going there is going to be times!

When your best course of action is:


Sit down and Shut-up!


Simple meal of pork steak, marinaded for 5 hours in balsamic vinegar – brown sugar- peanut oil and of course Kosher salt!

Slice onions thin, sprinkle with salt, sugar, and paprika! Cook until softened. Transfer to dutch oven with simple apple juice.

Brown pork steak on both sides so there is a nice layer of caramelizeation.
Transfer to Dutch Oven, add some sugar free apple sauce, cover, and simmer slowly for 45 minutes.

Cut up, cook and mash a couple of Yukon Gold potatoes. Heat up a can of golden pork gravy.

Serve and then “zip it”!


You will be presently surprised, I'm sure.

Silently serving

To satisfy and restore. To nourish, support and maintain. To gratify, spoil, comfort and please, to nurture, assist, and sustain …..I cook!

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