Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Little Black Book Of Indiscreet Recipes

The Little Black Book Of Indiscreet Recipes

No way in Hell. 
Not only No—but Hell No! 
Man have You got a wrong number. 
That just is not gonna happen.

Why is it that when the most important things in our lives happen, it is when we are NOT expecting them? They refuse to come from the direction we were looking. They hit at the “wrong” times and frankly give the first impression of being damned inconvenient and unwanted.

I guess that is why we refer to these glitches as miracles. These unplanned, unexpected and uninvited mistakes, come out of nowhere. Immediately our lives are changed forever and for once, the world bathes us in elation. It is in that quick moment all of the “false” stuff surrounding us becomes correct: all the jagged edges fit together into a smooth comfortable “just right”. Why didn't we see it coming?

What happened? Did you get the number of that truck that just hit me?
How? What makes it happen? Why does it happen?

I have no idea. In fact, I doubt if anyone will ever know. I remember it happening and it left me weak. I celebrate its anniversary on August 24th. That and honor how much work has gone into making it succeed as—as whatever it is.

Now leading up to the 2nd anniversary of finding out who and what I am, I timidly reach back into my past to touch that magic memory. Yes I am more than half afraid it will no longer affect me as strongly as it did then.

However I find it as powerful and as meaningful AND as reaffirming as ever. In fact it is even more so. It has been strengthened by the work, the joy, the tears, and hurt feelings – all the mush has hardened and solidified into a potent, simple and strong foundation.

Two years! So much has gone on. So much growth, so much learning: the devastating emotional traumas, the separation, the tentative reuniting, the sheer bliss brought by the studied turn of a phrase. The laugh out loud fun and quiet reflections that make up this “relationship”.

There can be no doubt that He is the most wonderful combination of masculine intelligence, surgical sense of humor, and sensitive caring ever assembled into a MAN on this earth.

How do I attempt to honor all of that? What kind of tribute, gift, offering, enrichment can I present to my Master Indy that would even come close to befitting Him or the occasion?

Well this is what slave has come up with. For the two weeks leading up to the 24th. I will be posting, everyday, a different recipe designed and dedicated to be just for my Master Indy. 14 dedications of work and hard effort custom fit for Him. Indiscreet Recipes Indeed!

I know that others can and often do give Him gifts that cost a shit load of money. Very luxurious trips, pamperings, and treats. All kinds of things that can be bought, built and created by someone else.

These efforts here have been created by me especially for Him. No one else can do this in that way. Just as no one else could have shaken my world as His words did two years ago when he said “I own you” and I felt a euphoria I never dreamed existed.

Who knows what happens tomorrow? Tomorrows are not to be counted on. Today and for as long as I can function, I will serve my Master Indy, and bust my balls everyday in my BEST efforts to make Him proud.

For You Sir: “The Little Black Book of Indiscreet Recipes”


To satisfy and restore. To nourish, support and maintain. To gratify, spoil, comfort and please, to nurture, assist, and sustain …..I cook!

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